Just Add Water: DSM Dyneema-1

SHL utilized Green Pin Tycan® chains made with Dyneema® fiber to transport 384 monopiles to the construction site of the Beatrice Offshore Windffarm in the Scottish North Sea. 

Year: 2017
Location: Beatrice Wind Farm, Scottish North Sea 
Description: This picture was taken in 2017, when the 384 monopiles, lashed by Green Pin Tycan® chains with Dyneema®, were shipped on the ocean going barges to the wind farm construction site in the Scottish North Sea. 

This photo shows the discharge of just arrived monopiles at the Scottish wind farm site by a crane ship. 

For more information about the project, please check out the testimonial on Dyneema.com: https://www.dsm.com/products/dyneema/en_US/applications/synthetic-link-chains/synthetic-link-chains-cases/case-study-seaway-heavy-lifting.html

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