Just Add Water: Berard Transportation

ASC Crane Transport & Installation

Year: 2019
Location: Port of Virginia, VA, USA
Description: The Berard Team traveled to the east coast to transport and install six port container cranes at the Port of Virginia. The project will span two years and will include a total of 86 cranes. The cranes arrived at the port and were offloaded onto a temporary rail system on the dock. The team then moved 16 axle lines of SPMTs under the cranes, lifted and transported them into position on the rail line. The cranes were shipped in a collapsed width position for shipping and once at the rail site Berard team members lifted one side of the crane, extended the leg to its permanent width and lowered onto the rail. The team battled windy conditions as well as working within busy port operations to get the job done.

Learn more about Berard Transportation and plan to visit them in Houston at Booth M6!

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