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Air Partner
Air Partner Freight charters aircraft of every size to fly cargo anywhere, at any time, whatever its weight, size or shape. Serving freight forwarders, governments, relief and humanitarian organisations, the freight team provides customized air charter as well as Onboard Courier (OBC) solutions to meet a wide range of transport requirements. 

From urgent ‘go now’ requirements moving small quantities of automotive spare parts, through to the most complex project cargo shipments taking several months to plan, Air Partner Freight has the skills, experience and expertise to ensure all logistics and shipments are handled securely and delivered reliably. Air Partner Freight has global network of cargo specialists in the USA, UK, Germany, Poland and Turkey, who provide strength of knowledge by utilizing all types of aircraft for 24/7 cargo air charter services worldwide.

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United States
Fort Lauderdale, FL
1100 Lee Wagener Blvd. Suite 328


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